Play Your Way To Prosperity...How to break free from the 9 to 5 world and profit from what you enjoy most! [275 pgs.]
by Jan Gault, Ph.D., Social Psychologist/Empowerment Coach

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PART 1: The Occupational Malaise
Chapter 1: Career Pipedreams
Chapter 2: The Entrepreneurial Challenge

PART 11: How to Play Your Way to Prosperity
Chapter 3: Solving Cash Flow
Chapter 4: Nonstructured Time & the Creative Enterprise
Chapter 5: Selecting your Personal Play Project

PART 111: Dynamics of the New Entrepreneur within Today's Leisure Ethic
Chapter 6: A Personal/Business Ethos
Chapter 7: Attitude Shifts & Action Steps

PART 1V: Enjoying Your Success & Prosperity
Chapter 8: Staying Fused With a Playful, Creative Spirit

Part V: Epilogue

Time Blocks

No. 1: Millionaire Play Sheet
No. 2: Entrepreneur Quiz
No. 3: Entrepreneur Affirmations
No. 4: Investment Procedures
No. 5: Changes in your Consumer Expenditures
No. 6: Temporary Employment Tactics
No. 7: Conflict-Free Living
No. 8: Mind-Bolstering
No. 9: Steps to PPP Discovery & Profit
No. 10: Commitment to Action
No. 11: Ethos Clarification
No. 12: Ethos Polarity Chart
No. 13: Material Prosperity
No. 14: Instilling a Wealth Consciousness
No. 15: "Timelessness"
No. 16: Risk-Taking
No. 17: "Millionaire Play Sheet" Update
No. 18: Setting Up External Props
No. 19: Endless Tape Dynamics
No. 20: Voices of Authority
No. 21: Triumph Over Down Days

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