Belief Quiz
Are Your Beliefs Keeping You Happy & Successful?

Take this short belief quiz and find out if your happiness & personal success are being sabotaged by your beliefs. There are no judgments here about whether your beliefs are right or wrong. We are looking only at the consequences of your beliefs...whether they are promoting your happiness & well-being. If you believe that fate largely determines your success, okay, but that is one of the beliefs that will prevent you from realizing your full measure of happiness & success.

1. T F ... I have the power to change the direction of my life.

2. T F ... Other people can prevent me from achieving my desires and dreams.


3. T F ... My destiny mostly depends on me.


4. T F ... Life is largely unpredictable.


5. T F ... My choices and actions matter regardless of the outcome, whether I fail or succeed.


6. T F ... Setbacks can keep me from achieving my goals.


7. T F ... I believe I have a purpose in life.


8. T F ... I do not always have the power to control my emotions.


9. T F ... I am deserving of my desires and dreams.


10. T F ... Making money involves work, hardship, struggle and pain.


Check your answers by running your mouse over the gold dots (newer browsers); or you can check them in the paragraph below.

My book "The Mighty Power of Your Beliefs...Dream, Believe, Prosper" is now available!

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Note: The odd-numbered questions are true, and the even-numbered questions are false for happier, more successful people.

Is it possible to change your beliefs? Yes, however, mental change is not always easy. Our thinking and belief habits have been with us a long time. At first you will meet resistance. It can be compared with starting a new physical fitness program. At first, the new muscle movements feel awkward and resist. But if you persist, you will begin to see a difference. The same is true of our mental muscles and making positive mental changes. A step-by-step approach to help you is given in my book, The Mighty Power of Your Beliefs...Dream, Believe, Prosper!. For your FREE COPY of Chapters 1, 2 and 3, please fill out the form below.

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The Mighty Power of Your Beliefs

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