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Jan L. Gault, Ph.D. is a social psychologist, university instructor, creative time specialist and the author of seven books including 5 Minutes A Day Dream-Action Path--Dream the Life & World You Desire, Then Create It!; The Mighty Power of your Beliefs...Dream, Believe, Prosper; Quotes, Questions & Actions for Global Understanding; and Free Time--Making Your Leisure Count (Wiley & Sons).

Jan holds a Master of Science Degree in Educational Psychology and a doctorate in Social Psychology. She has taught at a number of universities including University of Hawaii, University of Phoenix and Hawaii Pacific University, and has devoted over fifteen years to educating and empowering people to live richer and more rewarding lives. Jan's programs, seminars and lectures have been presented to a wide range of audiences, and through business and professional organizations worldwide. These include American Medical Association, National Soft Drink Bottlers Association, American Business Institute, International Toastmistress Association, and American Management Association.

Jan Gault has been featured on more than 200 radio and television networks and media throughout the United States and Canada. She has been a guest on CNN TV, San Francisco TV, ABC Los Angeles TV & San Deigo TV. Her articles, book excerpts, and reviews have been published in Glamour Magazine, Changing Times, Woman, Money Magazine, Christian Science Monitor, the San Francisco Business Journal and the Fedco Reporter among others.

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Jan lives in Hawaii where she teaches university classes in psychology and has a private practice specializing in creative time use and better living.

The Mighty Power of Your Beliefs

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