Are you feeling discouraged or having doubts about your capabilities?

Read these quotations over daily to keep you motivated and on the path to prosperity.


Perseverance Pays…

· “Perseverance is a quality consistently found in all successful persons. Consider the postage stamp.  Its usefulness consists of the ability to stick to one thing until it gets to where it’s going.”

· “There is no defeat as long as you continue to persist and never, never give up.”

· “The champion does her best and then she does a little more.”

· “Don’t stop trying; remember it is always the last key that opens the lock.”

· “By perseverance the snail reached the Ark.”

· “There is nothing which persevering effort and unceasing and diligent care cannot overcome”

· “Nothing is achieved before it is thoroughly attempted.”

· “Never give up: the mighty oak was once a little nut that stood its ground.”


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