Play Your Way To Prosperity...How to break free from the 9 to 5 world and profit from what you enjoy most! [275 pgs.]
by Jan Gault, Ph.D., Social Psychologist/Empowerment Coach

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The Fine Art of Entrepreneurship

"Man (and woman) was intended to be rich"-Ralph Waldo Emerson
We are delighted to feature Dr. Jan Gault and her popular book entitled, Play Your Way To Prosperity - How to Break Free From the Nine-to-five World and Profit from What You Enjoy Most. This intriguing book explodes the myth of the self-fulfilling career and instructs readers how to glean entrepreneurial success by following their creative interests. Dr. Jan argues that "success need not be a grueling, one-struggle-after-another ordeal. Nor does success as an entrepreneur need to entail using guerrilla warfare, taking advantage or always being 'one up' on your competitors. On the contrary," she states, "it is only when work becomes play"-that you will reach the pinnacle of success."

Michael Phillips, the inventor of Master Charge has said, "The hardest thing to convince people is a fact that only the very rich know, the way to make a lot of money is to do exactly what you want to do and exactly the way you want to do it."

Play Your Way To Prosperity is not, however, about laying back and loafing until your ship comes in. Jan Gault maintains that 'successful entrepreneurship is an 'art, a dance and celebration of life'. When you pursue those goals that are right for you, that align with your personality and deepest values, you can work almost indefinitely without becoming fatigued or discouraged.

The Entrepreneurial Challenge

"To reach the heights of success" Dr. Jan explains, "you need to know where you currently stand and begin charting your path. To assist you in assessing your present entrepreneurial status, the book includes an 'Entrepreneur Questionnaire' that lets you rate yourself on thirty key elements of success."

Each year thousands of hopeful entrepreneurs set out to make their mark. But what happens? Fewer than twelve percent of those persons who go into business for themselves make it. And less than one percent make it big. The failure rate is staggering. What then goes wrong? Is it just a matter of blind luck and fate?

Or is there an extra something which distinguishes top entrepreneurs from those who are forever limping along? If so, what is this magic ingredient and how do you get it?

Dr. Jan addresses these issues, telling us that, "No, it is definitely not a matter of chance, fate or how the cards fall. Whether you achieve riches is not written in the stars but is almost entirely up to you. Fortunately, those mysterious elements that separate the successful from the unsuccessful can be learned just as concrete factual data is learned. It is simply a bit trickier. It involves the interplay of time, creativity, and purpose."

Play Your Way To Prosperity contains twenty-one Time Block strategies for riches, among them are the Millionaire Play Sheet, Conflict-Free-Living, Risk-Taking, Endless Tape Dynamics and Instilling a Wealth Consciousness.

Dr. Jan recommends that you first ask yourself. "What is it I truly enjoy?" She states, "Inside each of us is a stirring for truth and vital self-expression. Mostly we feel these inner tinglings but momentarily then we get sidetracked in a job we dislike, and in the influx of daily distractions and temptations. Through tapping your innermost being and learning to put your time together in harmony with your purpose, you allow riches to flow into your life. A seven-step process points the reader in this direction."

Jan Gault enthusiastically proclaims. "In this day of modern technology, heightened awareness and discretionary time, each of us has the opportunity to create the personal world of our choice to live where we want to live, do what we want to do and grow rich in the process."

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur looking for greater sucess or just getting started, Play Your Way To Prosperity with its provocative messages, inspiring lessons and sensitive insights is guaranteed to help you fine tune your life for greater prosperity, pleasure and purpose.

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