book Praise for Jan Gault's Play Your Way To Prosperity...How to Break Free from the 9 to 5 World and Profit from What You Enjoy Most!*

"One of the great masterpieces of all times. I believe it's destined to help millions."
-Robert A. Stillman, Publisher and Editor,Lively Arts & Fine Arts

"Packed with good, useable practical advice loaded with ideas and valuable insights. It's easy to read and forces you to expand your horizons. Put this priceless information into action and it's guaranteed to be an "Insurance Policy Against Being Average".
-Edward G. Ciliberti, Carmel, California, former President, Monterey Board of Realtors

"This is a good book with solid information."
-Joseph S. McVicker, Inventor of Play-Doh

"...a provocative and worthwhile book, loaded with sound advice on how to achieve personal and financial success."
-Dr. Paul M. Pantleo, Ph.D., DDS Management Consultant

"This is probably the best work I have seen that explains how entrepreneurs think, plan, act, and accomplish their goals. It is absolutely essential for those to set out on their own, and is both inspiring and practical. Learn from this book and you will make money, not excuses."
-Richard Epley, Ph.D., Lecturer/Author/Investor, Charles Givens Organization

"This book will not only help you succeed in business but in life. It should be on everyone's reading list. I liked it very much."
-Jerry Luger, Vice President/Investment Associate, Thomas White Co., Inc., San Francisco

"Now that I've retired from my teaching at University of California, Berkeley, your definitive book is exactly what I need. Excellent...I keep referring back to it to keep me focused."
-Mark Luca, Ph.D., Who's Who in American Art., Marin County, Ca.

"Play... is about the most important, yet untapped power in the Universe. Jan Gault gives you the tools to make it work for you."
-Bob Hamilton, President, The New Radio Star, Carmel, California

"Jan Gault helps you discover the best within yourself and how to turn work into play-and profit!"
-William C. Kingman, Broadcast Engineer, KOWL-KRLT Radio

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*Formerly Play and Grow Rich...How to Break Free from the 9 to 5 World and Profit from What You Enjoy Most![paperback edition]

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