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Dr. Jan's Programs and Topics

Jan has developed a variety of programs--Among her most requested are:

"The Belief Edge...Core Personal Belief Systems & How They Influence Your Performance & Productivity"

"Creative Time Empowerment for Personal & Global Prosperity"

"Shaping Your Discretionary Time for a Better World"

"Beliefs for a Better Life and World."

"Play...An Integral Part of Living"

"Self Worth and Net Worth...Changes in Self-Image Result in Bottom Line Changes"

"Passionate Living--Learning to Live in Purpose."

Jan's Mini-Seminars of 1 to 3 hours, and her Intensive All Day Seminars inspire, enrich, and invigorate all who attend. Custom Designed Programs to meet your specific requirements are also offered.

Jan specializes in Personal-Global Empowerment & Prosperity for a Better Life and World.

For information on scheduling Jan Gault for your next event, or to view Jan's Demo DVD, just send an Email message to: demo@DrJan.net or call 1-808-294-4120

Jan L. Gault, Ph.D.

POB 2701 Palani Rd, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96745
Tel. 808-294-4120 Email: prosper@DrJan.net

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