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A warm welcome to you from Hawaii! On this page you can view or download visualization tips & guidelines; empowering belief tools; plus strategies & actions for a better life & world. Check out the links above and if they resonate with you I look forward to hearing from you.

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"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined..."
~Henry David Thoreau

"What we vividly imagine, ardently desire, enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass."
~Colin P. Sisson

"The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems."
~Mohandas Gandhi

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"To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan... believe... act!"

~Alfred A. Montapert

I wrote this book to rekindle the innate goodness and joy inherent within each person. Using the powerful tools of vision, belief and enlightened action, discover how to improve your life, find meaning and make a difference.

You Will Learn How To…
*Knock out toxic energy thoughts & images that are generating doubts and discouragement
*Break free from mindsets that are robbing you of personal riches and happiness
*Stay focused and keep your dreams for a better life and world alive until they happen!
*Transform your life, make a difference and live as a global citizen"

Learn how to consistently tap into your inner greatness to create a life and world of abundance and joy.

If you are serious about improving your life, and finding more meaning, you definitely want to read this book.


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My Favorite Groups & Organizations

Action Without Borders, Alliance Network, Amnesty International, Audubon Society, Better World Club, Books for a Better World, Center for Global Nonviolence, Childreach, Common Cause, Doctors Without Borders, Educators for Social Responsibility, Feminist Majority Foundation, M. K. Gandhi Institute, Global Citizens Network, Global Exchange, Global Heroes, Global Mind Shift, The Group of 1000, Habitat for Humanity, Human Rights Education Associates, Human Rights Watch, IFUW, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Interfaith Alliance, Katalysis, Kiva, Nature Conservatory, Ocean Conservatory, Oxfam International, Peace X Peace, PETA, Psychologists for Social Responsibility, Seva Foundation, Sierra Club, Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, Soroptimist International, Special Olympics, Southern Poverty Law Center, St Labre Indian School, White Ribbon Campaign, Worldwatch Institute, Women for Women International

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starFive Minutes A Day Dream-Action Path by Jan Gault (2 min.)


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"The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own thinking."
~Robert Schuller

"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go."
~T. S. Eliot

"5 Minutes a Day Dream-Action Path... If you're feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of today's turbulent world, this book brings inspiration & hope. Using simple but powerful social-psychological tools, Dr. Jan Gault shows you how you can begin creating a better life for yourself and make a difference.”
~Dana Worth, President,
Global International

The Mighty Power of Your Beliefs

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