Choices for a Better Life, Community & World


I Choose To…


· Embrace this day with enthusiasm, anticipation and excitement.


· Treat each person I meet with kindness, consideration and respect.


· Live and laugh and enjoy any challenges that arise.


· Appreciate and honor the natural beauty that surrounds me.


· Nourish my mind with inspirational and healthy messages.


· Live my values and walk my talk.


· Keep my perspective and not get side-tracked by pressures & stressors.


· Live fully and richly in the moment—free of past regrets and future concerns.


· Align my actions with my heartfelt desires and dreams.


· Act in the service of those who suffer or who or less fortunate than me.


· Trust the Universe to guide me along the path of purpose and prosperity.


· Perform those activities that empower, enlighten and energize my life and the life of others.


©Jan L. Gault, Ph.D.  Personal-Global Empowerment Series

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