The Gold Package targets three areas:


             Time Empowerment & Prosperity




*Time Empowerment—Manifest your personal vision in your daily routine and

habits.  You will create time chunks that support and reinforce your priority goals. Learn to develop a laser focus free of distractions, procrastination and low priority



*Confidence—Develop the confidence to move up to the next level of success and prosperity.  Solidify core beliefs in yourself, others, and life. Learn to effectively handle challenges and obstacles that threaten your goals. Use proven Conflict

Resolution strategies for making tough choices. 


*Compassion—Extend compassion beyond your immediate family to the human

family.  An expanded view of compassion allows you to more fully tap into your higher self and create greater prosperity for yourself, your family and the world



“To succeed, we must first believe that we can.”

~Michael Korda


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Gold Package